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Yep. Darren Criss (I Hope so )

^ to the person above me: Harry freakin' Potter is straight, as he has had to repeat many times, and shows no like for Mr. Colfer other than as a friend. Keep your Klaining on the screen.


Helpful Anon

P.S. It's unknown whether Mr. Colfer has a boyfriend, but if no one really knows... probably not.

In addition to the lovely Gleeks above me, I am a Colferite. Therefore it is my business to know who is lovin' mah man, Chris, and if they are treatin' him right. Over my previous research, I came across something that suggested that he wants to be single forever. IDK if that's true, but for now, he doesn't have a beau.


Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson

---Written as of December 2011

In his personal Twitter account, during an overnight Q&A session, he said he had a couple before, though leaving his current relationship status as vague as possible. This is because of overriding security concerns and privacy measures.

Charles Manuel P.


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