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1. In episode 13 ('Sectionals'), what book is Rachel reading at the Glee Club meeting when Will introduces them to their new coach? a) Wicked: The Lyrics b) The Path To Stardom c) Jazz Hands

2. In the same episode, what do we learn is Sectionals judge Donna Landries' job? a) Prison warden b) State paid cynic c) Professor of Misanthropy

3. In his video interview on, which TV show does Mark Salling (aka Puck) say is not like Glee?

a) Cop Rock b) High School Musical c) Popular

4. In episode 11 (Hairography), what type of drink is Quinn told to avoid by Terri's sister, Kendra? If you need to jog your memory, this episode will be on 4oD until 20 April.

a) Vodka-based b) Gin-based c) Rum-based

5. In episode 12 (Mattresses) what is the fifth club photo we see Rachel in?

a) Renaissance Club b) Black Student Union c) Muslim League

6. What colour are the bands on Sue's tracksuit during Sue's Corner? You can watch episode 12 on 4oD until 27 April.

a) Yellow b) Red c) White

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