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Whos the hottest guy?

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Chris Colfer and Darren Criss during More than a woman!!

I can't choose between Chord or Mark. Both of them are sexy as hell!

Grant Gustin all the way !

Mike Chang FTW \m/ :)) With Abs

Cory Monteith!!!! He´s cute, hot, sweet and just wonderful!!!!\

CORY. He's freaking gorgeous. <3


Chris Colfer our baby penguin !! xx

Darren Criss <333333 and Grant Gustin! <33

I'm Samuel Larsen all the way!! he is FIT


Darren Chriss and Chord Overstreet (in real life.)

In Glee: Sam (and Blaine without hair gel and his weird clothes :D)

And Cory is kinda cute/sweet. :)

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